Past Premières

Date: 15, Dec 2018

Première Piece: Song of Homeland 故鄉之歌  for Erhu, Zhonghu and Western Orchestra

Performers: Wong On-yuenWong Sun-tat and 重慶管弦樂團, conducted by 梁君

Venue: Chongqing


Date: 27, Nov 2018

Première Piece: Breeze 涼風 for Five-piece Combo (粵樂)五架頭

Performers: members of Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble竹韻小集

Venue: Shatin Town Hall, Hong Kong


Date: 17, Nov 2018

Première Piece: Peak Circle Walk 漫步太平山  for Plucked Strings ensemble

Performers: Music-Joint Association凝音樂坊

Venue: Shatin Town Hall, Hong Kong


Date: 07, Oct 2018

Première Piece: Song of Homeland 故鄉之歌  for Erhu, Zhonghu and Chinese Orchestra

Performers: Wong On-yuen黃安源 (Zhonghu), Wong Sun-tat黃晨達 (Erhu), HKYMS香港青年音樂協會中樂團, conducted by Chu Kwok-lung朱國龍

Venue: Shatin Town Hall, Hong Kong


Dates: 31 Aug - 02 Sep, 2018

Piece: Drama My Love 摯愛 (music design by Alfred Wong)

Performers: The Chinese University of Hong Kong香港中文大學

Venue: Cultural Centre Grand Theatre, Hong Kong


Date: 22, Jul 2018

Première Piece: Qi Yue II 氣樂II  for Sheng ensemble

Performers: Sheng Society HK香港笙會, conducted by the composer

Venue: Hsinchu Performing Arts Center, Taiwan


Date: 01, Jun 2018

Première Piece: Jiu 醮  for Houguan喉管 and Chinese ensemble

Performers: Kwan Lok-tin關樂天 (Houguan), Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble竹韻小集, conducted by Ho Man-chun何文川

Venue: Guangxi Arts Institute, China (03, Jun 2018 at Shanghai Music Conservatory, China)


Date: 01, Apr 2018

Première Piece: Distant Mountains 在遠山 for Chinese orchestra

Performers: Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra香港青年中樂團, conducted by Kwok Kin-ming郭健明

Venue: Cultural Centre, Hong Kong


Date: 27, Oct 2017

Première Piece: The Phoenix Dancing in the Fire 火舞鳳凰 for Chinese orchestra

Performers: Shanxi Jiangzhou Drum Troupe山西絳州鼓樂藝術團, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra香港中樂團, conducted by Chew Hee Chiat周熙杰

Venue: Cultural Centre, Hong Kong   Read More 


Date: 19, Aug 2017

Première Piece: Celebration Overture 歡慶序曲  for Chinese orchestra

Performers: Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra墨爾本肇風中樂團 and the members of the Hong Kong YWCA Chinese Orchestra香港女青中樂團, conducted by the composer

Venue: Melbourne Recital Centre (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall), Australia   Read More 


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