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Events 2019

Date: 17 Nov, 2019

Piece: (A Commission Piece) for Pipa ensemble (Première)

Performers: Yue Pipa Ensemble 玥琵琶室內樂團

Venue: Hong Kong City Hall Theatre   Read More 


Date: 1 Nov, 2019

Piece: Night Poem III 夜詩 III for Cello and Western Orchestra (Première)

Performers: Yu Ka-wai余嘉維 (Cello), Fresno State Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Loewenheim

Venue: (Cello Festival in) California, U.S.   Read More 


Date: 08, Sep 2019

Piece: Breeze 涼風  (Zheng Duet Version Première)

Performers: Janet Chow鄒勵娟 & Iu Yan姚欣 (Zheng)

Venue: Xiqu centre 西九文化區戲曲中心, Hong Kong   Read More 


Date: 08, Sep 2019

Piece: Jiu 醮  (2nd movement) (Zheng Duet & Piano Version Première)

Performers: Janet Chow鄒勵娟 & Iu Yan姚欣 (Zheng), Alfred Wong黃學揚 (Piano)

Venue: Xiqu centre 西九文化區戲曲中心, Hong Kong   Read More 


Date: 05, Jul 2019

Piece: Jiu 醮  for Houguan喉管 and Chinese ensemble (Hong Kong Première)

Performers: Kwan Lok-tin關樂天 (Houguan), Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble竹韻小集, conducted by Ho Man-chun何文川

Venue: Tsuen Wan Town Hall Auditorium, Hong Kong   Read More 


Date: 21, June 2019

Pieces: The Dream of the Red Chamber" Capriccio for cello & orchestra for Cello and Orchestra

Performers: Trey Lee and Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra廈門愛樂樂團

Venue: Xiamen International Conference Concert Hall  Read More 


Date: 26, May 2019

Pieces: Song of the Sea 海之歌  and Peak Circle Walk 漫步太平山  for Wind Band

Performers: Hong Kong Festival Wind Orchestra, conducted by Fanny Ma

Venue: Jockey Club Auditorium, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong   Read More 


Dates: 18-20, Apr 2019

Piece: Drama My Love 摯愛 (music design by Alfred Wong)

Performers: The Chinese University of Hong Kong香港中文大學

Venue: Shenzhen Poly Theatre 深圳保利劇院   Read More 


Date: 16, Feb 2019

Piece: Song of the Sea 海之歌 for Wind Band (U.S. Première)

Performers: Colorado Music Festival Joint-School Band, conducted by Fanny Ma

Venue: Colorado, U.S.   Read More 

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